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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Academic Coaching?
It is a service designed to help students meet their educational goals and improve their educational experience. Through the one-on-one coaching, you and I work collaboratively to identify obstacles to your academic success and strategize solutions that will move you forward toward success. Emphasis is placed on executive functioning skills such as self-advocacy, motivation and self-management.
2. What is executive functioning?
Executive function is about cognitive and behavioral processes like organizing, planning and intentional actions. Some of the key areas consists of: goal-setting, active listening, problem solving, conflict resolution, positive thinking and managing emotions. My goal is to help you become more effective by either teaching or reinforcing these skills so you can meet your everyday challenges with success.
3. What happens in an academic coaching session?
During a session, we start with a reflective check in with a focus on areas of improvement, then create an actionable and measurable plan for success that incorporates strengthening executive function. A typically session includes: setting priorities, developing successful skills, creating strategies and next steps.
4. How do I attend an academic coaching session?
Academic coaching sessions are face-to-face online. Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email that gives you further instructions about the coaching appointment.
5. Is an academic coach a tutor?
No, academic coaching is not tutoring. Tutoring focuses on a particular academic area that is troublesome such as chemistry or math. Instead, academic coaching builds on broader skill sets that benefit you in every course such as study strategies, time management and avoiding procrastination.
6. Is an academic coach a counselor?
No, a licensed counselor is more appropriate for mental health support.