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About Me
As a college professor with an advanced degree in Counseling and with a Cognitive Life Coach Certification, I have extensive experience working with students. I have taught numerous classes that are related to learning development and college readiness. Currently, I teach face-to-face and online courses to college students.

Through extensive time spent on research, understanding, and preparation for my own academic coaching service, I have been able to learn and implement a broad assortment of strategies and helpful tactics that should use in their studying in order to find success through their education pursuits.

With positive guidance and personal support, each student who is involved with my academic coaching is guaranteed to receive a helping hand toward success in their learning and studying that they will use throughout the course of their higher education.

For years, I have found my passion in helping to guide student minds to success in their studies for a stronger path that will lead to graduation. My academic coaching methods include sessions that help me to get involved with students in a one-on-one type of environment for personalized coaching. Students entering and involved in college levels of education require stronger guidance toward success throughout their years in higher education.

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