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Academic Strategies

At Academic Strategies, the mission is to empower young people and adults through coaching to manage themselves effectively, setting them up for a lifetime of personal and professional success. At Academic Strategies, a comprehensive approach based on a proven combination of tools, strategies, and mentoring allows students to clarify their personal goals, learn to achieve what is most important to them, and become fulfilled by using their unique skills and talents to contribute to a better future.

Executive functioning skills, such as self-monitoring and organization, are a strong predictor of future success, yet these skills are not always instinctive or intuitive. They must be learned and developed over the course of time, and the earlier an individual begins working to master these essential skills, the better prepared they will be to face life’s challenging situations.

Since these skills are crucial to success in adulthood, why aren’t they given proper attention in schools? To some extent they may be taught indirectly, but rarely are they specifically targeted in the academic world, and they are almost never mastered. With the fully customized program at Academic Strategies, students learn these core skills, develop them to the fullest extent, and make them a regular part of their everyday life.